Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quilt Show and School in May, 2010

Hi Everyone,

At last a dream is coming to fruition! After months of blood, sweat and tears I can finally announce our plans for the inaugural Retrospective Comparative Quilt Show as well as the inaugural The Australian School of Applique (TASA for short.)

The Show, workshops and lectures will be held in the Gatton Shire Hall, North St, Gatton from Thursday, 13 May thru to Sunday, May 16 (inclusive). So what is a retrospective comparative quilt show? Well you may ask? I have tried to find quilts, mostly reproduction quilts from a site time period (1840 - 1940) and compare the lives of women here in Australia as well as England and America. As well I have access to household goods and clothing from this time period as well.

Our tutors and lectureres are all Australian and will teach a majority of handwork but some machine piecing as well. All the class projects reflect a 'times gone past' theme and I can assure you all the projects look good. As I photograph each project I will add to the blog.

Further hightlights will be the annual Queensland Quilters Picnic on Tuesday, May 11 here in Gatton at the Gatton Historical Village, Freemans Rd, Gatton. Another event to add to the fun of the week is the S.E. Queensland Quilter's Trail Muster on Sunday, May 16. Once again it will be at the Historical Village.

The final highlight will be the unveiling of the 'World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt'. To date over 11,000 rosettes have been received and if our calculations are correct the quilt should be around 120 metres in length! My word what did I start?


  1. Hi Gail,
    I hope you had a restful Christmas.
    I wondered if you have organised motels in Gatton to be ready for bookings for the quilt show. Margaret

  2. I'm keen to see this hexagon quilt in real life. See you at the show.

    Stupid it a show like you can enter quilts that you have made type show?? I'm interested in entering on of my quilts somewhere.